Spring has definitely sprung here at Close to You. There are colors, florals and patterns coming alive everywhere. You could actually describe our store as ‘a garden of fashion’. Never have we been so impacted by floral prints and vivid color. All designers are following this trend.

If you give this subject some thought for a moment, we naturally surround ourselves with flowers. As soon as weather permits the flowers are out in our yards, we hang flowers on our houses and we accent with flowers on our balconies and patios. Why do we do this? Simply because flowers make us feel good. They are nature’s beauty, give us a soothing effect and can de-stress us after the worst day. So, come to our store; we offer free de-stressing, and know that the moment you walk in you will feel better.

One of the most popular colors this year can be called fuchsia, papaya, lipstick, hot pink or whatever, and you will see it all over the multi-designer display windows. This color flows like a breath of fresh air on the flowing lines of Sympli, as shown on the two mannequins, one wearing a Sympli dress and the other with pants and matching top.




The MissNikki reversible summer dress, with beautiful designs will give you another dress when turned in-side-out. How about that, two dresses in one! A scarf is included and will match with both sides of the dress. These dresses come in different lengths and can see you through many occasions this summer. Be sure to try one on when you come.


Miss Nikki reversible summer dress


Floral pants are the rage for this summer, falling in line with the biggest season we’ve ever seen for floral patterns. The ‘Up’ pant shown here with a Celine Dion purse, has made a big splash this season. A Canadian company boasting a very flattering fit. They offer ankle length pants, so you can show off your beautiful sandals, along with capris, shorts, skorts and skirts at a reasonable price point. Be sure to have a look at these.


Joseph Ribkoff


A blog cannot go out, without mentioning what Joseph Ribkoff has been up to. He continues with sensational style and class in his – yes – floral designs in dresses, pants and tops. He makes a point of placing the flowers ever so discreetly. Some fantastic outfits could be created by matching top and bottom, or a floral pant with a plain top. You will also see some colored geometric shapes, combined with his signature black basic style.

As Sandy always says, “we can dress you from head to toe”. I think the only thing we can’t provide is the scent of a flower shop.

Hope to see in the store again soon.

Put some spring into your step with our fabulous new footwear. Our Fantasy sandals will give you the prettiest feet in pastel colors or neon designs. If you are looking for a good looking walking sandal, check out the Viking sandals. They have the raised toe-bar and contoured arch to improve body alignment and posture – must be tried on to believe the benefits.

Viking & Fantasy walking sandals

 Cougar has presented us with extremely attractive waterproof shoes and ankle boots. Some have flowers, geometric designs and one eye-catching style even has sparkle surrounding the outside of the sole.

Cougar waterproof shoes and ankle boots

Bernie Mev




Bernie Mev have come out with some great breathable deck shoes in three different colors: gold, navy and black, complete with memory foam soles. You may be interested in the lace-up front style with elasticized laces, which you don’t have to lace up yourself. Very convenient! These are the ultimate comfort shoes. Some customers own three or four pair of these go-to shoes and have given us great testimonials about them. Last year’s stock are now 30% off and just as stylish as ever.

The vivid, bright colors are in and so refreshing to wear. As Sandy tweeted recently, the Dolcezza scarves are here and can be purchased to match up with their colorful clothing line. Dolcezza actually hires different artists to design these scarves especially for your unique taste. The colors in these scarves can be worn with many other pieces of clothing to give that added touch.

Dolcezza scarf & Chalet top

Like it or not, we might still have those chilly days when a light spring coat is needed. Have a look at our UBU reversible collection – the featured image at the top of this post. Imagine two coats in one! These definitely give the fashion-forward statement, displaying magnificent design on both sides.

If you like a lot of bling or a touch of bling – we are carrying a new line for you. VOCAL – Voice of California has created new shimmering styles targeted to please everyone. You can be discreet with a little sparkle, or let your wild side out with the eye-catching bling placed on the fabric in a most attractive style. Let’s face it ladies, we want to have our fun clothes too – that’s what makes our choice in fashion so unique. Define your taste.

Vocal cardigan

Vocal fabric is polyester, nylon, spandex and rayon, which is easy care and we have a good selection of tops, pants, jeans, leggings, long cardigan/vests, and I’ve heard the leggings are ohh…so comfortable and light-weight for summer.

Fashion is therapeutic! Fashion is fun! We should all have some conversation pieces in our wardrobe. Fashion gives you the freedom to be you, so go for it!

Blog post by Karla

After recognizing International Women’s Day this week, come celebrate with us at Close to you to kick off our Tommy Bahama sale at 25% off. Bring your sister, a friend or neighbor and we will help you all find the perfect casual outfit you’ve been waiting for. Spring is just around the corner and we’re all anxious to see the new colors and styles. This sale will be on until March 12th, so you don’t miss out. 

We have some new lines in the store and more coming in. Clara Sun Woo is “made with love in the U.S.A.” They’re a mother and daughter design team and very much like Sympli, advertising a perfect fit, wrinkle free, washable and travel friendly.

The Dolcezza line has arrived including colorful dresses, tops and jackets. These are a cotton, polyester, elastane blend in the bright spring colors of fuchsia, blue and orange.

Sympli always surprises us with the new colors and styles: Mushroom and Papaya are in this spring, looking very elegant. Paired with a Celine Dion purse, I guarantee you will be making a fashion statement. Yes, our new Celine Dion purses have arrived. Sympli also presented us with a new casual look: sweatshirts with bell style top and bomber jackets to make your travels even more comfortable.

It’s all about comfort in our busy lives, isn’t it? Now Frank Lyman has started a new line called “Weekend”. You have just got to come in to see this. Gorgeous black leggings with soft pink roses, matching top or plain. The jacket has a flattering design and would best be described as ‘casual elegance’. A must see. 

Frank Lyman’s new “Weekend” line.

Love the JR polka-dot capris! Fun!

Joseph Ribkoff has always retained his elegance in design, but it seems that every season he does manage to surprise us all with some outstanding pieces which are totally eye-catching. Check out the polka-dot capris.

Stay tuned because right now the store is a buzz, a fantasy of fashion, there is so much to look at and try on. I get really excited when I see innovative design and brand new colors, it just brightens our world. My name is Karla and I work for Sandy at Close to you. I will do my best to keep you informed and hopefully will see you in the store soon.