Find Your Right Bra Size

Follow our easy three-step process to find the bra that fits you right and feels fantastic. Take your measurements in a well-fitting soft bra (wireless) that encompasses your bust fully without restriction.

1.Underbust measurement. Take the measurement by holding a measuring tape directly under the bust. This measurement is rounded up or down and assigned a size.
2.Overbust measurement. Place the tape directly over the widest point of the breast without cutting in.
3.Finding your band and cup size. View our Standard Measurements charts and find your underbust and overbust measurements in same columns to find your band and cup size. For example if your underbust measurement is 85 cm and your over bust measurement is 102 cm, your size would be a 38C (US sizing – see International Bra Measurements for conversions).

Find Your Right Panty Size
1.Waist measurement. Hold the tape horizontally around the most narrow part of the waist without cutting in.
2.Hip measurement. Hold the tape horizontally without cutting in at the widest point of the hips.

* If there is a considerable difference between the waist and hip measurement, always take the larger size!

You know your bra is fitting you properly when:

1.The back panel of the bra is level with the front, and doesn’t ride up above the clasps.
2.The cups hold the breasts fully, with no extra space and a smooth transition between the cup and your breast.
3.The piece between the breasts lays flat against your chest, holding your bra snugly in place. (Not against the breasts. If the front piece does not sit snugly against your rib cage try a smaller band size. If the front or back clasps are pinching, try a larger band size.
4.Adjust the straps so that they sit snugly on your shoulder, neither so tight that they pinch or mark your flesh nor so loose that they slide off the shoulder.

Find the perfect bra and panty in our online catalogue or visit our Corfield Plaza store in person.

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