Do you have trouble finding the perfect jeans to fit your body type? Tired of trying on jean after jean? The solution is at Close to You, the store with one-stop-shopping for jeans! Our fashion experts can help you find the jeans made JUST FOR YOU!

Today we’re focusing on French Dressing Jeans. All FDJ jeans contain lycra for greater stretch. Most come in a contoured waist for a ‘no gap at the back’ and slightly lower in the front, designed especially for comfort. We carry High Rise/Reg Rise and Mid Rise. For leg width, we have slim and straight. Body shape calls for straight or curvy.

French Dressing Jeans have developed a unique system with a ‘signature’ style for easy identification. They choose to name their jeans after celebrities, so it will be easier to remember the right fit next time. Now that makes is easy.

If you have a curvy body the Olivia (Newton John) sits just below the natural waist and has a contoured waistband for comfort. If your hips are a little curvier, the Peggy (Fleming) are for women with a defined waist, sit at the natural waistline, giving you more room where needed.

For women with straighter hips, we have the Suzanne (Somers). This high rise, with a natural waist, will be for you. Christina (Aguilera) is a fun, fold up/push up jean for women with slender hips, who may want a little lift in the derriere.

Summer is just around the corner and some new stock has arrived in a cooler fabric called ‘COOLMAX’. These are breathable, have wicking properties and climate control technology.

The right jean will fit perfectly, unleash your inner beauty, give you confidence and make you love your body.

Karla is in our jean department modeling the Suzanne jeans with a white shirt, a geometric-designed jacket – all FDJ.

If you have never had a pair of Jeggings, (a cross between jeans and leggings) be sure to try on a pair the next time you’re in the store. The jeggings are a pull-on and will surprise you with the flexibility and ‘jean look’. Some come with pockets and some without.

While you’re preparing your wardrobe for summer, check out our FDJ capris and shorts. As soon as you walk into our store you will notice the bright colors everywhere, and jeans are no exception. Navy has made a come-back and you will find light blue, red, white, beige and some patterns in jeans, jeggings & capris. The same holds true for their T-shirts, blouses/shirts, and jackets.

There are so many attractive T-shirts in every color and design, enough to brighten your wardrobe, your day or your mood.

Come and enjoy our outstanding presentation of French Dressing products…

Hope to see you in our store soon,

Let’s face it ladies, a bra has always been one of the most difficult things to buy. We want it to fit properly, feel good, enhance our assets and above all feel comfortable. The fashion experts at Close To You can help you achieve all of this and more. Allow me to introduce you to the Empreinte Bras…



The innovative craftsmanship of this company started in Brest, France in 1946. Their mission was to liberate women, improve body confidence and provide relief. They wanted to present premium quality, elegance with the French touch, designed for women with a C cup or over. Their success story is interesting and amazing. With three subsidiaries in North America, Great Britain, and Germany, 58% of their sales are international. It takes 3 years to train their seamstresses working only with exclusive European fabrics. Innovation is the key value expressed by the company in seamless invisible garments.



The focus of Empreinte was to enter exclusive department stores and specialty boutiques only. Close To You is proud to say we are the only store on Vancouver Island who has been chosen to sell this brand.

If you are looking for the best, we’ve got it – and yes, we have matching panties too!

By involving German engineering and the rigid lace and embroidery combination, the Empreinte product has been successful in achieving better posture, less back pain and little or no movement in the bra, keeping you comfortable all day long. It will be the last thing you take off at night, not the first thing when you get home. This bra will shape you into the woman you want to be. This is an investment in your health, your beauty, and your self-esteem.


Following is a peek-a-boo view of some styles available in our store now. This blue collection is the “Cassiopee” style, the best seller; the red is called “Melody”.



We also carry the Empreinte Spacer bra, an innovative concentrate of well-being, with five major advantages: second skin comfort, lifted silhouette, perfect breathability, protective invisibility and brand-new design.



So… be sure to stop by to have a closer look at what Empreinte can offer you at Close To You. We have expert bra fitters to assist you!

Hope to see you in the store soon,



Spring has definitely sprung here at Close to You. There are colors, florals and patterns coming alive everywhere. You could actually describe our store as ‘a garden of fashion’. Never have we been so impacted by floral prints and vivid color. All designers are following this trend.

If you give this subject some thought for a moment, we naturally surround ourselves with flowers. As soon as weather permits the flowers are out in our yards, we hang flowers on our houses and we accent with flowers on our balconies and patios. Why do we do this? Simply because flowers make us feel good. They are nature’s beauty, give us a soothing effect and can de-stress us after the worst day. So, come to our store; we offer free de-stressing, and know that the moment you walk in you will feel better.

One of the most popular colors this year can be called fuchsia, papaya, lipstick, hot pink or whatever, and you will see it all over the multi-designer display windows. This color flows like a breath of fresh air on the flowing lines of Sympli, as shown on the two mannequins, one wearing a Sympli dress and the other with pants and matching top.




The MissNikki reversible summer dress, with beautiful designs will give you another dress when turned in-side-out. How about that, two dresses in one! A scarf is included and will match with both sides of the dress. These dresses come in different lengths and can see you through many occasions this summer. Be sure to try one on when you come.


Miss Nikki reversible summer dress


Floral pants are the rage for this summer, falling in line with the biggest season we’ve ever seen for floral patterns. The ‘Up’ pant shown here with a Celine Dion purse, has made a big splash this season. A Canadian company boasting a very flattering fit. They offer ankle length pants, so you can show off your beautiful sandals, along with capris, shorts, skorts and skirts at a reasonable price point. Be sure to have a look at these.


Joseph Ribkoff


A blog cannot go out, without mentioning what Joseph Ribkoff has been up to. He continues with sensational style and class in his – yes – floral designs in dresses, pants and tops. He makes a point of placing the flowers ever so discreetly. Some fantastic outfits could be created by matching top and bottom, or a floral pant with a plain top. You will also see some colored geometric shapes, combined with his signature black basic style.

As Sandy always says, “we can dress you from head to toe”. I think the only thing we can’t provide is the scent of a flower shop.

Hope to see in the store again soon.