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Let’s talk about some well-kept secrets in bra essential accessories. These are items that enhance our figures or may just be needed for that special dress, top or occasion. Sometimes we know they exist but are usually hard to find. Good news though! We have the fashion fit solutions for you at Close to You! We pride ourselves on being your lingerie specialty store so are always hard at work to bring you everything you need to look and feel your best! 

So first of all, know that there’s always a solution. We all need a little help occasionally, so let’s take advantage of what’s out there!  And do keep in mind that all stick-on products are made with non-sensitizing medical grade adhesive.

One of the most common situations that can cause a problem might be the backless dress which is popular for summer dresses, weddings, proms and evening wear. We want to wear a bra, now what do we do?

Butterfly Bra

The first product that comes to mind is the Butterfly Bra (pictured above). This is easy to apply, offers three points of support, and gives you 25 wears! This adhesive body bra can be worn up to 12 hours and be trimmed with scissors for your own custom fit. It’s a fantastic option so you can wear that dress you adore but didn’t think you could pull off. Butterfly Bra to the rescue! 

We also have two kinds of nipple covers, soft silicone or ones with a fabric-lined center. Nipple covers are another little item that give us a little more comfort in how we’re looking in our clothes. They’re also easy to restore the adhesive by just washing them in warm water. 

And then of course there’s The Body Tape – a Hollywood essential. If they can use it, why can’t we? This is specifically designed for skin-to-fabric contact. It secures low necklines, bikini tops, and gaping buttons. A must-have for some gorgeous fashions that are otherwise just a tad too revealing left to their own devices.  

Bra extenders are another blessing for certain circumstances. They are ideal for pregnant and nursing women, and come in handy with our periods of weight gain like the Christmas season or vacations! Hey gals, it happens to all of us – on my last cruise I gained 8 pounds! The gourmet food, exquisite table service and the decadent desserts are always my weakness. And it bears to mention that it’s quite normal for our weight to fluctuate dramatically within one month – and for some women it can be up to 17%! Bra extenders come in 1-4 hook styles and can also make a new bra more comfortable when its brand new. They are a definite help when needed. 

Some other items that do the trick when needed are bra back converters, another great solution for low back styles. There are also invisible straps. These are not just for bras but can be worn with swimwear and dresses too. They’re a great way to feel the security of straps without them screaming to be seen. And when the weight of your chest creates those painful grooves in your shoulders from bra straps, silicone shoulder cushions are the perfect solution to eliminate those. They’re available in multi-color three packs. There’s also a product called a lifting hide-a-strap which pulls your bra straps together into the middle of your back. This is a great cleavage enhancer, as well as hides your bra straps.  

The last items I’d like to mention are the silicone breast enhancers (inserts) which will also create lift, push up or add a size to enhance your look. If you’ve always wanted a little more volume or cleavage, these are a great little extra that fit just in your bra. 

Bra Bather

And now that you have your beautiful bras and any bra essential accessories needed, it is so important that you treat them with care to get the most out of your investment. On that note, we have Bra Bathers and different sizes of mesh laundry bags. Mesh bags are so helpful in keeping your lingerie safe when washing. 

Forever New

And the Forever New laundry soap has been specially formulated to take care of your best clothing in the most gentle way. Its been around for years and has proven to add longevity to your fine garments and lingerie. It comes in various sizes and the small travel size is a must to take along on a trip – so easy to wash out a few things in your hotel room. Forever New is a citrus base, available in a Soft Scent or Unscented and special gift packs. 

Splash Swimwear Wash

We also carry Splash Swimwear Wash to enhance the life if your bathing suit. Remember to always wash your bathing suit after each wearing, then hang it up to dry. Getting rid of the sand or chlorine will make your garment last much longer. With a little extra care, you will be surprised at the color and elasticity retention of your purchase. As we all know, finding the perfect bathing suit is not always easy so making it last is well worth it!

I hope this overview of solutions helps in making your clothes and undergarments fit even better and help you feel even more beautiful! We at Close to You are always wanting to help you look and feel your absolute best and are ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

See you in the store soon,

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