FAQs on Bra Fitting

How do I put my bra on, really?
I’ll be the first to admit, there are those who fasten their bra in the front and turn it around, and then slip the straps on and position themselves into their bra. I know, that used to be me. We all know that is not the ideal way to treat a bra or ourselves - that’s tough on both - so it’s worth the time to learn how to properly put your bra on if you can.

First, slip straps over the shoulders and then lean forward to fill the cups fully. Fasten the hook on the first or middle clasp. Hold your bra at the front and slightly to the sides, adjusting yourself into the cup. Stand up and adjust the straps. If you have a partner around, get some help to make the final adjustments on the straps. As luck would have it, most strap adjustments are on the back – just a little awkward for you to do this yourself!

How do I know if my bra is fitting correctly?
The mid-centre of your bra and sides should lie smoothly without cutting into the flesh. The cups should also fit smoothly without significant wrinkling. If there is too much wrinkling in both cups, try a smaller cup size. If you are spilling out of the top or bottom of the cup, choose a larger cup size. Your breasts should fill the cups without overflowing. We all have the challenges of not totally perfect, evenly matched breasts. Fit the larger side… that’s just the way it is. It works!

Why are so many women wearing a bra that doesn’t fit them?
Most of us are wearing the wrong sized bra because we fit ourselves. We will take three or four bras into a change room and purchase the best of the group. Or maybe we think we are a B or C - or want to be a B or C - and we just keep trying sizes on until we find the cup that fits the best, regardless of the band size. Did I mention there is a relationship between cup and band?

Perhaps you did take the step to go to a store for a fitting. Are the sales staff trained? Do they have the experience? Ask the questions and be ready to spend some time with different styles. Not every style works for every body.

Last but not least, we all want to “look good” and we want that sense of ‘wow’, but there really are times that ‘wow’ and looking good don’t translate to a great fitting bra. But don’t worry! You just have to spend the time and get the expertise to find that perfect fit in a bra you love so you can look great and be comfortable at the same time.

How should my bra feel?
It should be snug, especially for the first week or so of wear. The band is what holds your breasts up and in place (with a little help from the straps). Keep in mind that bras stretch as you wear them. You want it more firm in the beginning so that you will get longer wear, this way you can add more bras to your collection rather than replacing stretched out ones!

How long should a bra last?
This depends on how many bras you have, if they are of the correct size, and if you care for them properly. A bra stretches every time you wear it, so if you have at least three or four of them to rotate, then you’ll easily get 1-1/2 to 2 years' use from them. Again, this is assuming that the bras have been cared for properly and are of the correct size. If you wear the same exact bra every day, it’s going to stretch much quicker than when alternating between several.

I have larger-sized breasts. What kind of bra is best for me?
Women with larger breasts are fortunate to now have a great range of styles to choose from. Underwire bras give a lift and have less fabric below the cup. Warm weather can create a heat rash and an underwire bra does alleviate some of this challenge and discomfort. Size ranges have improved and expanded over the years and the choice is yours. There are some women that do find more comfort in a non-wired bra. Smaller chest walls in comparison to breast size can create challenges of the underwire lying flat against your chest wall. The choice is always yours; however, wired bras are extremely supportive, offer you natural shape, and definitely require less fabric. Proper sizing is the most significant action for you to take.

I have very small breasts and I don’t think I need to wear a bra.
Always wear a bra. Gravity affects even smaller breasts. Good bras give our breasts and our muscles support. Breasts are appendages from our body. They have a weight regardless of size. Support is good. A side benefit is that a bra will assist in preventing our breasts from spreading wider, creating more space between them. And of course, last but not least, our street clothes are designed with breasts and fit in mind, so the right-fitting bra can make all the difference to your look.

What range of cup size does Close To You carry?
A through K.

How do I care for my bra?
To get the most life from your bra, always wash it in a mild detergent. We suggest Forever New Wash as it is Lycra friendly and will not make the fabric deteriorate. Washing the bra by hand is best for the garment’s longevity, but if you do machine wash, close the back hooks and place the bra in a proper washing mesh bag. And never put the bra in the dryer but rather hang to dry. Drying your bra in the dryer is a sure way to curtail the bra’s lifespan.