Tips for Men

Did you know that taking the step to buy your favorite lady some fabulous lingerie is a major indication of just where she stands in your thoughts and plans? We have had the fellas who just don’t know where to look or even how to start the conversation when they are on the task of buying their special lady that very special something. And gentlemen, some women have never had that absolute joy of opening a gift from their special someone and finding beautiful lingerie under the tissue in that finely wrapped box. You could be the first!

Here at Close To You we watch you stealing a quick glance through the windows of our boutique. “Should I come in, what do I ask for, what if it’s wrong?” It happens all the time. We know how intimidating lingerie shopping can be for men when they’re with a lady companion, let alone when they step into a store without proof that they’re not browsing for themselves. As seriously as we take lingerie, we know it’s not that serious! Lingerie is supposed to be about the pleasure principle, and buying it should be no different. So gentleman, start your engines…because this section is geared just for you.

Accept the fact that entering a lingerie store, no matter how confident you are, may be a little awkward at first. You’re entering a woman’s domain. In fact, there are probably a lot of women around just shopping for themselves – what if there’s someone you know? Surrounded by pastel walls, mirrors, colours, sizes, rows of “underpinnings”, wisps of lace and straps with tags that bear names you may feel like an idiot trying to pronounce – let alone even begin to know what their functions are. It is a sight to behold. We know your thoughts, every time you look towards us with a lacy little nothing and ask, ” …and how much did you say it costs?”

In this case you’re browsing our website, and although it’s not the same experience as entering a store and dealing with a sales woman, it can be intimidating and overwhelming if it’s your first time. So let’s get started…

  • Price is usually a good way to begin your search for that perfect piece of lingerie. It might seem extravagant to pay so much for things that are so small, but fabric content, craftsmanship, and the country of origin are the details that count when it comes to lingerie. It’s safe to assume that the lingerie she’ll really appreciate will often cost more than you expect so get ready for sticker shock – especially if you’re the kind of guy who buys his boxers in a triple-pack for less than ten bucks
  • Lingerie is an upper echelon of personal gifts – somewhere around jewelry, but definitely more personal. It is the gift appropriate only for a woman you are really, really close to, if you know what we mean. Lingerie is something that both the giver and the getter should enjoy, so buy something that will satisfy both of you – you should like the feel of the fabric too! Don’t start with the skimpiest, sheerest thing if she’s shy or you don’t know her well, otherwise you could end up sleeping on the couch.
  • It’s great to get into the habit of buying lingerie early on in the relationship. It says that you see this lady in your life as an object of desire. There is no woman who wouldn’t love receiving exquisite lingerie.
  • The most common question is “What size is she?” The guessing game is fun, but a little strategic planning is a good idea. Do some detective work. Sneak a peek inside her lingerie drawers. Find the type of item you are looking to buy, or something similar, and locate the size. Check out few tags, because size can vary from brand to brand.
  • ​Fruit Test: This is one way to guessimate her size if you haven’t been able to get to her lingerie drawer. Your last resort – a visual aid to help you approximate her size – is to just imagine which fruit most resembles her breast size.

The Style Guide is where the fun begins! Men often go for bras as presents because they think that this is all about the bra and panty/thong. But sizing of bras can be tricky, so how about trying a slip, or a robe with a matching chemise which are more forgiving and come in all different types of fabrics and length. And remember to eliminate anything that accentuates a part of the body she’s sensitive about.

If She’s Sensitive About…

  •  Hips or thighs: Try a chemise, slip or sexy silk pajamas that flow loosely over that area.
  • Derriere: Find something that doesn’t hug the hips – a chemise, slip, long gown, pajamas or a camisole and fluttery shorts set.
  • Cellulite: Get her something that deemphasizes her dimples. A loose and silky slip, a knee length or a low cut camisole, or a long gown with open back.
  • Tummy or waist: A baby doll fits this bill.
  • Large breasts: A beautiful bra in a larger size, camisole, or a nightgown with extra support in bust or an underwire sewn into it.
  • Small breasts: A demi cup bra or a bra with padding and don’t forget the matching bottom. Cami or a nightie with ruffles, ribbons and contrasting textures.
  • Legs: A long gown or sexy long leg pajamas.
  • Upper arms: Look for something with sleeves or a cute/ sexy bed jacket.
  • She’s pregnant: Play it safe with loose, comfortable items that have empire waist (fitted at chest loose below).

The final factor is Colors and Fabrics. The number one thing men go for in our shop is anything black and sheer. Is black and sheer sexy? You bet. But it’s not the only thing. You want to consider her eye and hair color and her skin tone. Also, does she go for understated or bold? Do you want the virginal look or more vampy? Do you want her to feel like a queen in jewel tones or more free spirited in pastels? Think about what she usually wears and fantasize about what might bring out another side. Also, look for something that’s smooth and sensuous instead of rough or scratchy. The beauty of lingerie is in its ability to transform.

Happy Endings

Don’t take it too hard if your carefully chosen item has to be returned. This is very common, not just with lingerie, but also with most clothing. Think of it this way…now you guys can pick something out together. Sure, you could take her out to a fabulous dinner at five-star restaurant, but unlike a meal, lingerie has no calories and its effect lasts much, much longer!

All Wrapped Up

Women LOVE pretty packages, pastel-colored tissue paper, and silky ribbons! Your thoughtful, carefully selected purchase will get a better reception if it’s delivered in a tempting wrapping that, like lingerie, is seductively designed to lead to the present within. We do gift wrapping online & in-store!