A Garden of Fashion!

Spring has definitely sprung here at Close to You. There are colors, florals and patterns coming alive everywhere. You could actually describe our store as ‘a garden of fashion’. Never have we been so impacted by floral prints and vivid color. All designers are following this trend.

If you give this subject some thought for a moment, we naturally surround ourselves with flowers. As soon as weather permits the flowers are out in our yards, we hang flowers on our houses and we accent with flowers on our balconies and patios. Why do we do this? Simply because flowers make us feel good. They are nature’s beauty, give us a soothing effect and can de-stress us after the worst day. So, come to our store; we offer free de-stressing, and know that the moment you walk in you will feel better.

One of the most popular colors this year can be called fuchsia, papaya, lipstick, hot pink or whatever, and you will see it all over the multi-designer display windows. This color flows like a breath of fresh air on the flowing lines of Sympli, as shown on the two mannequins, one wearing a Sympli dress and the other with pants and matching top.




The MissNikki reversible summer dress, with beautiful designs will give you another dress when turned in-side-out. How about that, two dresses in one! A scarf is included and will match with both sides of the dress. These dresses come in different lengths and can see you through many occasions this summer. Be sure to try one on when you come.


Miss Nikki reversible summer dress


Floral pants are the rage for this summer, falling in line with the biggest season we’ve ever seen for floral patterns. The ‘Up’ pant shown here with a Celine Dion purse, has made a big splash this season. A Canadian company boasting a very flattering fit. They offer ankle length pants, so you can show off your beautiful sandals, along with capris, shorts, skorts and skirts at a reasonable price point. Be sure to have a look at these.


Joseph Ribkoff


A blog cannot go out, without mentioning what Joseph Ribkoff has been up to. He continues with sensational style and class in his – yes – floral designs in dresses, pants and tops. He makes a point of placing the flowers ever so discreetly. Some fantastic outfits could be created by matching top and bottom, or a floral pant with a plain top. You will also see some colored geometric shapes, combined with his signature black basic style.

As Sandy always says, “we can dress you from head to toe”. I think the only thing we can’t provide is the scent of a flower shop.

Hope to see in the store again soon.

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