Fashions for our West Coast Spring!

Put some spring into your step with our fabulous new footwear. Our Fantasy sandals will give you the prettiest feet in pastel colors or neon designs. If you are looking for a good looking walking sandal, check out the Viking sandals. They have the raised toe-bar and contoured arch to improve body alignment and posture – must be tried on to believe the benefits.

Viking & Fantasy walking sandals

 Cougar has presented us with extremely attractive waterproof shoes and ankle boots. Some have flowers, geometric designs and one eye-catching style even has sparkle surrounding the outside of the sole.

Cougar waterproof shoes and ankle boots

Bernie Mev




Bernie Mev have come out with some great breathable deck shoes in three different colors: gold, navy and black, complete with memory foam soles. You may be interested in the lace-up front style with elasticized laces, which you don’t have to lace up yourself. Very convenient! These are the ultimate comfort shoes. Some customers own three or four pair of these go-to shoes and have given us great testimonials about them. Last year’s stock are now 30% off and just as stylish as ever.

The vivid, bright colors are in and so refreshing to wear. As Sandy tweeted recently, the Dolcezza scarves are here and can be purchased to match up with their colorful clothing line. Dolcezza actually hires different artists to design these scarves especially for your unique taste. The colors in these scarves can be worn with many other pieces of clothing to give that added touch.

Dolcezza scarf & Chalet top

Like it or not, we might still have those chilly days when a light spring coat is needed. Have a look at our UBU reversible collection – the featured image at the top of this post. Imagine two coats in one! These definitely give the fashion-forward statement, displaying magnificent design on both sides.

If you like a lot of bling or a touch of bling – we are carrying a new line for you. VOCAL – Voice of California has created new shimmering styles targeted to please everyone. You can be discreet with a little sparkle, or let your wild side out with the eye-catching bling placed on the fabric in a most attractive style. Let’s face it ladies, we want to have our fun clothes too – that’s what makes our choice in fashion so unique. Define your taste.

Vocal cardigan

Vocal fabric is polyester, nylon, spandex and rayon, which is easy care and we have a good selection of tops, pants, jeans, leggings, long cardigan/vests, and I’ve heard the leggings are ohh…so comfortable and light-weight for summer.

Fashion is therapeutic! Fashion is fun! We should all have some conversation pieces in our wardrobe. Fashion gives you the freedom to be you, so go for it!

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