Amoena Post Surgery Breast Forms

Amoena Post Surgery Breast Forms


CONGRATULATIONS to our two new stars, DONNA and ANNIE, who traveled to Vancouver to complete comprehensive classroom instruction and hands-on experience to become professional fitters of Amoena post breast surgery products.

Close to You is not only a highly rated fashion store, but we also specialize in lingerie and bras. For those of you who don’t know, Sandy Herle, our owner, started out with a small lingerie shop on Craig Street 28 years ago. She quickly recognized a need for carrying specialty bras to serve her customers and became a professional bra fitter. About 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. The philosophy of providing ‘above and beyond service’ has not changed throughout the years, only advanced by carrying up to date products to help cancer patients feel comfortable.

We now have bra specialists working every shift, so that instant service is available when our customer walks in the door.

Cancer has affected most families in one way or another, with breast cancer still ranking near the top of the list. We have the latest technology in our inventory to assist our clients traveling the intimate path of post cancer surgery,

Amoena has specialized products to ensure that women’s daily lives and self-esteem stay in tact, no matter what the situation may be for the individual. Whether you have experienced a full or partial mastectomy, going through various stages of reconstruction, or have just decided to get a professional fitter to make you more comfortable, our experts understand, have compassion and can help.

If you are new to this, you may ask yourself, what does ‘A Post Surgery Fitting’ mean?.......

An optimal fit is one in which both the bra and breast form fit perfectly and provides a symmetrical appearance. Our expert will first ensure that you are wearing a bra which fits you properly. Getting the foundation right will make it easier to fit the breast form. Depending on the type of surgery performed, you may need a full breast form or a partial shaper.

For women who have experienced breast surgery, a good fitter can be a lifesaver. We understand that you are looking for the highest quality of care in every situation related to your breast cancer journey. Our certified practitioners have met established standards and are committed to your health and comfort.

It’s important for you to know that you’ll have access to the best quality breast care products, and you will SEE the options available to you. Thereby YOU will feel confident and in control when choosing the best prosthesis for your body.

Amoena provides a range of lightweight breast forms. It’s important to keep the body’s equilibrium and alignment evenly balanced. Caring for your new silicone breast form is easy and simple instructions are included in each package. They are incredibly resilient and are designed to stand up to the normal everyday wear. Regular fittings will become part of your routine because women’s bodies and lifestyle activities change as we age.

Your professionally certified fitter has undergone intensive training. You can trust our staff and the products we offer when you come to see us for your individual needs.

We are here for YOU at Close to You. It’s all about YOU!

As the New Year unfolds with more concern for self-care, we encourage all women to be aware of the symptoms of possible breast cancer: thickening in breast or underarm; skin dimpling, puckering or nipple retraction; nipple discharge or redness; change in size, contour or shape of breast; and feeling any unusual lumps. Having regular mammograms will always remain a crucial part of your self-care program.

Yours in Cancer Survival,

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