The Right Jewelry Has a "WOW" Impact

The Right Jewelry Has a "WOW" Impact


Fashion statistic experts have often asked the general public “What makes the outfit pop? What gives it that ‘WOW’ impact? Through the ages, from Dynasties to Queens, the answer remains the same “It’s always in the accessories and jewelry is ranked as number one”.

Accessories like scarves, purses, and shoes help complete the full circle view of a divine outfit, but behold the necklace – it will be the first to be noticed. A necklace has the magic power to open conversations such as ‘love your necklace’ or ‘where on earth did you get that?’ Now you’re proud to answer that question ‘I got it at Close to You’. The name of our store, chosen 28 years ago, is appropriate because everything we sell is close to your body, which you take such good care of.

Have you ever noticed even the female news anchors are aware of this very important fashion statement? They know where to shop and we’re fortunate to have a store who can do it for us right here in Parksville. Our staff can see past that wonderful outfit you just purchased and help you add the extra touch.

Let’s have a close-up view of some outstanding pieces which are not over-the-top expensive...

Treska is a brand full of surprises we like to carry. Twice a year they come up with 10-14 original and different new collections geared by arts, trends, shapes, and colors. The Java Coconut Collection will compliment colors in your wardrobe and are ideal for casual wear.

The acrylic shapes, a recent collection, has made a big splash in our store. They are simply artistic acrylic shapes in different colors which capture light and produce a glow like a large precious stone. Very up-to-date and trendy! These will prove to be remarkably versatile with the adjusting black rope to create any length you need.

Zsiska is a family from Holland who lives in Thailand. With their intricate beadwork, each bead is poured, painted, polished and knotted by hand.

We also carry super fashion watches selling for only $19.99. This makes a stunning gift for that special girlfriend to be presented at her birthday luncheon. You won’t believe what a cheer up this can be on her special day. Keep these in mind for daughters and granddaughters too. Always fun!

Now if you are looking for special occasion jewelry located behind our sales counter, have a closer look at the Elvira and J. Jansen designs. These are 24 kt. gold plated, with incredible quality and remarkable design.

If you feel you just can’t add one more item after your successful shopping trip today, this would be an opportune time to whisper in your significant other’s ear how a particular piece you saw and loved will take your dress to staggering heights. You’ll be surprised how he will make a mental note of these comments because it is so difficult for some men to find outstanding gifts. It wouldn’t hurt to give him some ideas. Sometimes it’s just more romantic to open a gift containing what you really want rather than a gift certificate. Give it a try…

Yours in fashion enhancement, Karla

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