DIY – Hem Your Jeans with the Original Hem!

So I’m short and always have to get new jeans hemmed as they’re always a mile too long for me, even the ‘petite’ ones.  The joys of being 5’1″!  You can see the jeans I’m wearing in the picture are in serious need of hemming but I’ve been too lazy to get them done, so I wear tall boots all the time!  

But one of the other reasons I haven’t gotten these hemmed is because they always end up with the ‘I’m too short and had to get them taken up’ look!  The hem never ends up looking the same as the original!  And yes, I know the logic to not get them hemmed for this reason makes no sense since I’m always wearing boots, but that’s besides the point…

I don’t know about you though, but I just don’t find it very attractive with that ‘seamstress’ hem – kind of like DIY jeans.  

So, you can imagine my excitement when Sandy came across this blog post where you can keep the original hem!  Absolutely brilliant!

Now to be honest,  I can’t say I’ll actually be doing this myself as I have rather limited sewing skills, and don’t particularly have even the desire to sew to be honest.  It’s enough that I have to sew on my boys’ Cadet badges by hand!  However, I will at least be telling my seamstress how I want it done next time!  If you do try this yourself though, I read in the comments on the original blog to use a zigzag stitch to help prevent fraying or use a product called Fray Check.

Again, here’s the link to the instructions:  DIY – Hem Jeans Fast & Easy (and with the original hem!!)

Hope you enjoy your new ‘original hem’ jeans!  I’ll even be able to wear some heels with these jeans soon!


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