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Well it’s been an exciting start to summer so far! So much has already happened in the last little while at Close To You and Close To You “2”, I thought I’d give a little recap of everything and news of things to come.

First off last month, we had our 25th Anniversary party where Sandy, staff, family, and friends celebrated Close To You being in business for 25 years. A fun night was had by all with many clients winning fabulous prizes. From a little 800 SF lingerie shop to 4200+ SF and an outlet store – not to mention adding fashion and shoes – the growth of Close To You has been phenomenal thanks to Sandy’s incredible hard work, amazing staff, and amazing clients. I remember Sandy trying to decide what business she wanted to get into next after selling her bike store. I was in high school at the time – now my oldest is graduating high school himself. Crazy!

Next we had our Haven House fundraiser. This month, thanks to you, we will donate $700 to this amazing organization. Close To You is proud and honored to support many events and causes in our community.

Last week we just finished our 8th Annual Sidewalk Sale – thank you to everyone for making it such a success. We cleared out space for new arrivals and our amazing clients took home some fabulous deals.

And in the fall we’ve got some special events planned –

We’ll be having another fun night of seeing the latest Sympli fashions, along with a fashion show to demonstrate the collection. This event is always a fun time for everyone.

Then there’s our “Almost Annual” French Dressing Fit Clinic tentatively scheduled for the 3rd week of October. This will be our 3rd and they also are always so much fun. Experts come from French Dressing to help us and give advice and suggestions for a great fit. There are a HUGE number of styles to try and it’s always amazingly helpful to have the experts from FDJ give their tips and tricks to find the best fit. We all know jean shopping is not always easy but with FDJ making different styles to suit all our different body types, you’ll definitely find the perfect fit for you.

And of course, the biggest news is Close To You “2”, our outlet store, is going to be a permanent location! In case you haven’t been by lately, in May we added a temporary “outlet store” just across the parking lot for some of our fashions and shoes that are on sale, as well as any fabulous deals Sandy gets from suppliers. However, it has been such a success that we’ve decided to make it permanent! We’ll just be moving down a bit in the plaza so that space is getting all spruced up at the moment, but in the meantime we’re keeping things going where they are.  We’re super excited to be expanding in this way! Who would have known that over 4200 SF wouldn’t be enough?! Well anyone that knows how much Sandy loves her ‘buys’ may not be too surprised.

So that’s about it for now, though I think that’s plenty. Things are certainly never dull at Close To You! There are always new fashions arriving and events going on. Make sure to keep in touch so you always know what’s going on and don’t miss any of our events. If you’re not a subscriber to our newsletter or a FB fan, make sure to get on one of those so you don’t miss anything – and of course, hope to see you soon at the store(s)!

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