Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

Sizing Matters


Getting the Right Bra Fit
Regardless of the numbers and the letters, we should all be wearing a bra that fits properly and feels comfortable. By helping you find the right bra, our team of bra-fitting experts can help avoid posture and balance problems, strained shoulders, sagging breasts, the sore back, and the “can’t wait to get it off” syndrome. We can help you find the bras and intimate apparel that protect your delicate skin and enhance your silhouette. It’s like getting an instant body makeover! A makeover that will truly amaze you, make you feel great and look even better!

Changes in Your Body Can Affect Bra Size
Gained weight is truly a nemesis at any age. If you think increased weight goes everywhere except your breasts, think again! Weight and hormone changes can cause changes in the shape and size of your breasts at any age. Our bodies continually change - through puberty, pregnancy, menopause, weight gain, birth control pills, other forms of medication, and just plain life. We have back pain, posture problems, damage to breast tissue, and sore shoulders. To avoid the challenges that can result from the bra that has ‘seen better days’, never was right from day one, or just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, a proper fitting bra will give you relief in more ways than one!

Find Your Right Bra Size
What matters is finding your best fitting bra. Don’t worry about the numbers, large or small. You will definitely look and feel better when your bra is the size you need - and yes, I did say need not want... It’s ok to be an A, B, C, D or any other letter of the alphabet. Fit and comfort is the goal, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results!