"We thought we were forgetten."

"We thought we were forgotten." Words from our founder, Jan Stimpson, on what inspired her to start Sympli. #SympliStyle #Words #SympliWomen

Posted by Sympli Style on Sunday, January 8, 2017

As I’m sure you know, Sympli is one of our absolutely favorite lines for so, so many reasons. Among many is the fact that Sympli is a company that is all about empowering women. In this day and age where a certain type of body still graces the majority of magazine covers and dictates the fashion trends, Sympli holds true to its founding vision of celebrating all women’s bodies, in all their various shape and sizes.

True to form, as per their website, Sympli values are ~

Women ~ We believe all women should love who they are without compromise. We are driven to spread the message that women have the right to be wildly comfortable in their own skin and confident with themselves.

Fit ~ It fits. This is the core of our design philosophy. Our conscientious and dedicated approach to fit results in an impeccably flattering and comfortable collection.

Community ~ Sympli garments are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada with the utmost love and care. Our company is built out of connections that span decades. Every individual is integral to our identity and success.

In 2016, they celebrate 15 years, never having wavered from their movement of empowering women. They do this by creating fashions for women by women. This means stylish, comfortable fashions for all ages, shapes, and sizes, for all aspects of our busy lives.

A few other reasons we love Sympli:

  • 100% of their garments are designed and manufactured in Canada
  • 85% of their garments are sewn by their ‘Home Sewer Network – a community of entrepreneurs who work on their terms so they can are for their family and elders.
  • Sympli supports the Looking Glass Foundation – a caring community of prevention and support for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders

So, yes, we have a ‘slight’ love-affair going on with Sympli – though how could we not?! If you’ve never had the chance to try any of their pieces, we encourage you to pop in and see what you think. There truly is something for everyone and for every occasion!🙂