Beach Time in Oceanside

Beach Time in Oceanside


It’s beach time in Oceanside. Time for swimming, water sports, tanning, relaxing and people watching. Even when we have a late summer, it’s usually followed by a beautiful fall. Mother Nature does not disappoint on Vancouver Island.

What a great place to practise our social distancing respectively, with loads of room on the beach for our small Covid-19 bubbles. Why not treat yourself to a cheer-up with a new bathing suit, cover up and beach bag? 

‘Amoena’ is a versatile bra company offering many outstanding products in their line of bras and swimwear. You’ll be guaranteed of the support you need where you want it. These bathing suits have the ‘lycra that moves you’, available with or without skirt. Everything from eye-catching bikinis to flattering one-piece. Amoena also offers a full range of post-mastectomy swimwear and breast forms.


Amoena swimsuits


Boost your mood with ‘Pembrooke’ amazing tummy control bathing suits, some with little skirts, some without. Stripes are in and can give a very slimming look.


Pembrooke swimsuits

Note the designs of these blue and pink one-piece suits. The blue one has a very casual look with a longer top giving it a summer T-shirt effect and the pink suit will accent the bustline. These are constructed with the revolutionary chlorine-proof fabric called KRINKEL. This fabric will be longer lasting and more durable.

‘Marlies Dekkers’ offers the height of fashion as a swimwear designer, bringing the unique European flavour to Canada. She is hot on stripes, slimming on any body, emphasizing the strong and confident woman.


Marlies Dekkers

Check out the 'Marlies Dekkers’ elongated beach bag on the mannequin displayed on this coral, criss-cross design suit. The beach bag should be worn on your shoulder, much more comfortable than carrying a huge, regular shaped duffel bag while looking for your favorite spot to sit. This soft chiffon suit is beautiful on and will hug you in comfort.


Marlies Dekkers beach bag

Swimwear cover-ups by ‘Take Cover’ and ‘Miss Nikki’ are important for several reasons: You may want to have one on when walking around to keep those roaming eyes at bay, it will offer you some coverage while you’re relaxing around the beach or the pool, or you may feel chilled when the sun disappears for a while.


'Take Cover' swimwear cover-ups

'Miss Nikky' swimwear coverup


If you’re worried about feeling too bare when your out of the water, keep in mind that bikini tops or suits with a triangle neckline or a strapless halter-type suit will also provide more coverage.

Just want to let you know that Close to You carries a full selection of swimwear year-round. We’ll be able to have winter getaways safely in the future, so if you want another new suit before your trip, we will be here for you. It’s wise to buy with Canadian dollars at a reasonable price point to avoid the inflated prices at a resort boutique. It’s also more important than ever to support our local businesses now.

Q. & A.

Q. I am self-conscious about my nipples showing through some bathing suits, especially when they get wet. Can I wear a bra under my bathing suit?

A. No, there isn’t room. Bathing suits are designed to be worn close to the skin, besides this could ruin your bra. Wear nipple covers. If worn properly no one will see your nipples. Your other choice would be to purchase a bathing suit which has a molded cup in the bra area.

Enjoy your summer while social distancing, being kind and staying safe!

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