Colors Bring Happiness!

Colors Bring Happiness!


Beautiful refreshing colors have a therapeutic effect on us. Look at the colors of spring in the plants you are buying, and you will feel uplifted. It happens every year.

Now it’s time to take a break from gardening and check out the new colors in fashion. It’s so nice to see our customers coming in to stock up on their spring/summer wardrobe. We have the best range of sizes this time of year.

The colors are exceptional this season. From soft powder blues to bold, canary yellows and the amazing lime greens. Lime green is an awesome color taking black or navy pants/capris to new heights.

You will see many floral tops to go with the new red, yellow, pink or tan FDJ jeans in both full length and capris. If you don’t like busy tops, the reverse works well too. Floral pants can be paired with plain tops in the new colors giving you the option of wearing many different colored tops. If you’ve always been conservative and have never owned multi-colored pants, try a pair and start counting the endless compliments you’ll receive.

We have a new brand from Australia called Orientique, 100% cotton in a casual, cool, fun summer-wear. ‘Naturally Australia’ tells us “The Pattern Masters, Tailors and Finishing Staff work hard to produce all-natural fibres. They are our production team and our friends”. These skirts and dresses are reversible. Wow - you get two for one and they have tops and jackets color-coordinated to their pants and skirts.

Orientique by Naturally Australia
Isn’t it wonderful that Sandy welcomes new, rising designers to grace our store? Another newcomer is ‘Ayrtight’ made in Vancouver, calling their line ‘Westcoast Styling’. They have come up with a remarkable style idea which can be construed as totally elegant or casual. The difference may only be the type of shoes and jewelry you put with it. I’m impressed with the versatility of these garments, presenting calf length skirts, dresses that will flatter any figure and with deep pockets. Try on an outfit and see for yourself. The off-white dress below is called the ‘Stance Monaco dress’ with deep pockets in Westcoast Styling. The soft pink shirt displays huge pockets in a fashionable style.

Ayrtight Westcoast Styling 'Stance Monaco dress'

Ayrtight Westcoast Styling Pink Shirt

Putorti sweaters are back by popular demand, now in shorter cardigans and long dusters. Beautiful combed cotton/acrylic blend with lace design in the front and weaved backs. They’re airy and light, yet warm enough to protect you on the cooler days.

Putorti sweaters

The Margaret Winters sweaters have a bold, new design with many color combos. How about lime green, yellow and black all in one sweater – a very sharp, crisp look!

Margaret Winters

Chalet is reaching out to us with this green tunic so soft to the touch, it feels like suede. The orange is another bold color that will go with many multi-colored pants. This brand has a wide selection of dresses, tunics, shirts, pants and skirts. Check out our variety of lacey scarves (pictured with the Chalet tops) to compliment many of your outfits.

Chalet tunic


Parsley & Sage has been around for a long time. This brand is a regular ‘go-to’ in my closet when I don’t know what to wear. (I will always arrive with confidence). They pride themselves in producing a beautiful soft fabric, made for a woman to feel elegant with personal style. These fashions are not mass produced, no two garments will be alike. This white top or the white jacket with the black dress are sure to impress.

Parsley & Sage

Fashion has no beginning nor an end. Fashion is an experience, not a garment. Fashion is powerful. New fashion is like a best friend who cheers you up when you’re down. It makes you smile, laugh and feel good about yourself. Fashion brings happiness!

Yours with happy fashions,

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