Jump-Start Your Wardrobe

Jump-Start Your Wardrobe


The history of jumpsuits goes back 100 years, with the first being designed in Russia in 1919. As the years passed, a simple, safe, close to the body suit was required for jumping out of airplanes, exploring the Arctic, or entering space.

Fashion designers know what works and their thoughts turned to “let’s design something so easy to wear, with the least resistance and total comfort for women.” The fashion jumpsuit first became a big hit in the late 1920’s when some forward-thinking women were actually starting to wear pants. Luxury jumpsuits were put on hold during the war, but again made a big comeback in the late 60’s and 70’s with palazzo pants. During the 80’s jumpsuits got bigger, bolder and brighter. This year you will see them everywhere.

Why? It’s because of their versatility and a fast, easy way of getting dressed. Just ‘jump into your suit’ and go. Very often there are no accessories needed. Now they make a statement all on their own, with amazing ties and belts, stripes and flowers. Remember, you don’t want to over-do, let the focus be your outfit. Quite often less is more.

In following fashion trends, I’ve found that jumpsuits are the most popular outfits worn at weddings, christenings, funerals, going shopping, out for lunch and just doing errands. Depending on the fabric and design, they are appropriate everywhere and a good investment to your wardrobe.

The jumpsuit is making the transition from a fashion statement to a fashion staple.

A word or two about bras:

If you are fussy about your bra not showing through your top, you’ve probably noticed that white bras are no longer popular. Why? It’s a proven fact that a neutral bra will not be as visible under a sheer white top. ‘Skin tone’ or ‘Rose’ neutrals will blend with your skin.

However, Empriente does make a red bra which doesn’t show through a white top. How does that work? I don’t know, it just does. Amazing!

The basic bra colors are black or neutral, with the occasional fashion colors mixed in. Some gals like to show off their beautiful bras underneath their clothing. If that’s your choice make it happen. Feel free to be.

Just another little tip about bras: Your bra straps do not have to be adjusted evenly. Some women have a slight drooping shoulder where one strap will slide off. That strap should be shortened a little. Having bra straps exactly the same lengths is an old myth.

Fashions of yesteryear will always come back stronger and better than before because we loved them. With added comfort and a twist of surprise we’ll love wearing them again.

Yours in favorite fashions,

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