Get your perfect fit with FDJ!

Ever wonder what the perfect fit jean would be for you? The jean that is the most flattering but also the most comfortable? Who knew such a thing was possible?! But we have to look no further than one of our favourite brands, French Dressing Jeans, aka FDJ. They’re all about finding the perfect fit that flatters each of our unique body shapes.

FDJ’s biggest selling point, at least to me, is their range of styles – there’s truly something for every ‘body’, as well as various styles to suit your fashion sense. They have different rises (regular, mid, and slightly lower – no low rise, thank you very much!!), straight or curvy (ahem, curvy over here please!), petite or regular inseam (woohoo – jeans I don’t have to get hemmed!), and leg opening (slim or straight for me or I feel extra wide but that’s just me… ). So you see, you can absolutely find the right pair of jeans for you. And did I mention that all styles are designed to lift the ‘behind’ and slim the tummy. Can you seriously ask for anything more from a pair of jeans?! 

Anyway, if you’ve not tried a pair you seriously need to come by and try some on. And check out this video to see the signature styles and who they recommend they fit (though I have to admit I love the Kylie even though I definitely have neither straighter hips nor ‘less curves’ ). There’s nothing like a comfy pair of jeans that you feel fabulous in! 


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