Christmas Gift Ideas!

Here we are, the last couple of weeks until Christmas! Can you believe it? Have you finished all your shopping or are you starting to panic as you haven’t set foot in the stores yet? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. I’ve got my ‘list’ but have only bought one present so far. Yikes!

In case you’re running out of ideas or don’t even know where to start, I ran around the store the other day taking pictures of things that I thought be great gift ideas – most with the idea that you don’t need to know sizes or there’s not that awkward moment where you say, “I guessed your size…”.  

First up wraps – gorgeous faux-fur wraps. I’m sure you know the perfect lady who would just love to wrap themselves up in one of these gorgeous babies. This is by Mosnova, $99, one size, and it comes in this fabulous black/purple color combination or all black. Don’t you just love it?



Next up is this fabulous 7-way scarf. So versatile and of course no need to worry about sizing. $110.



And I’d be remiss to not include a piece by Joseph Ribkoff. This outfit is a showstopper with the sleeveless JR tunic ($143) paired with the stunning black shawl by Zozo ($69). 



And finally there’s Sympli. You can never go wrong with Sympli. It looks fabulous on everyone and has such easy sizing. This particular outfit is the Sympli zig-zag sleeve tunic ($205) paired with the zig-zag legging ($160). It looks fabulous in the charcoal and we’ve added this perfect pop of color with the jewelry ($50).



That’s it for now but there’s more to come (I took a ton of pictures!!). Stay tuned for nightwear, slippers, and maybe another outfit or two to give you more ideas. Happy shopping!

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