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Hello and thanks for stopping by! I thought it seemed high time for a little blog post about the latest happenings at Close To You. 

Lonely Onlies 50% OFF!

First things first – the latest fabulous savings you can get on shoes at the store with the Lonely Onlies Sale! Sandy has put all the styles that have only one pair left at 50% off the original price! All styles –  flats, pumps, sandals, ankle boots, full boots – if it’s the last one left it’s 50% off! And since there’s only one left, that means you’re getting an even better deal as these shoes were especially loved and popular, so much so that there’s just the one pair left. It’ll be the lucky lady who these fit and will get the pair for 50% off the original price. It’s like a Cinderella story! Make sure you come by soon though for your own fairytale ending. hehe

Next up is a little inside scoop and some pictures about Sandy and Donna’s trip to Las Vegas for the Spring/Fall buying show. I’ll let Sandy tell you about that in her words: 

Donna and I had a fabulous time in Las Vegas at the Spring/Fall buying show last week.  It was Donna’s first trip to Vegas so needless to say, I know it was exciting for her.

We have acquired some new lines…I can hear you saying “but Sandy, where are you going to put them?” Don’t you worry, you know I always find room…lol We are so excited to add Celine Dion bags and purses to our lines. And of course, we had a visit with all the crew from Sympli. They had even announced our Retailer of the Year from the Business Examiner in Victoria, apparently to a huge round of applause (we didn’t arrive until later). 

We have loved a California line called Vocal…they are on their way! There is a great sock line called SockSmith…on their way! Of course, we met the owners of Shapeez, Sleevey Wonder, and even Samuel Dong, Natasha from Ezze Wear, UBU coats, and Freddy from Elomie (Donna and I were both certified as fitters for Elomie, Goddess, Fantasie and Freya bra groups). We also met the Up Pants people and the Fly London, Alegria and Bernie Mev brass! It was a packed 4 days with so much happening that this space doesn’t even begin to tell the stories. The trip was exciting and we found some great surprises for you!

Donna in Vegas

Sandy and Celine in Vegas

Lastly, here’s a rundown of the events coming up for Close To You. It’s a trunk and fashion show frenzy!

Feb 26 – Presentation at the Parksville Tops group
March 8-12Tommy Bahama Friends and Family Day…save 25% off TB Fashions
March 22 – Sympli Spring Trunk and Fashion Show
April 8 – Fashion Show at Beban Park for the Cancer Society
April 11 – Ballenas Fashion Show
Apr 15 – Bowser Legion Fashion show
April 19 – Joseph Ribkoff Trunk and Fashion Show
May 5 – Fly Day…win a pair of Fly!
May 6 – Craig Bay Fashion Show
May 17 – Church of Ascension Fashion Show

You can see that we are busy but if you have an event you would like us to participate in just give us a call, and if we can, we will be there for you! *The events in red are at the store – call for more information at 250-248-3781. 

Ana in UBU spring coat

And I just have to add one more picture of Ana in this wonderful coat from UBU for spring as she just looks so cute in it! It just arrived and there’s more coming from our USA trip too! The coat comes in an array of colors and in sizes small through x-large. We can’t wait for more! Ana is also standing next to a wonderful bamboo Sympli tunic. We love our Sympli!

So that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed this update and that we’ll see you in the store soon! 



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