Christmas Gift Ideas Part 2!

 I’m back for more shopping ideas on this snowy, blustery, winter day! Oh, my – I hope everyone has been staying safe today! Here in Nanaimo (this is Kim, by the way ) we got quite the dump of snow and the power was out for ages. Much of north Nanaimo was out of power all morning. But thankfully the snow has pretty much stopped now and the power is back on. Phew! I’ve got to get out shopping shortly myself!

Anyway, on to the fun stuff – more gift ideas from Close To You! So we covered a few outfits in the last blog post so this time I thought I’d show some of our fabulous PJs and slippers! Cozy PJs are always a hit. Who doesn’t love new PJs?! And of course slippers – they’re such a classic Christmas present. You can never go wrong with giving someone a super comfy pair of slippers. 

First up then is this fabulous 2-piece PJ set by Patricia in this gorgeous grey and pink. Don’t you love grey and pink together? The set (top and pants) is $75. And then, of course, to cozy it up even further we’ve added this great Casual Moments zip-up robe in the perfect matching pink. The robe is $135. I think this jammie outfit would be perfect for a sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate… or a glass of wine…  



Next we have another one of our new favorite brands – Paper Label. They are a fantastic loungewear company that we’ve discovered based out of North Vancouver. They feature a fabric called Tencel, which is “more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen” (Paper Label), along with having moisture-absorbing and releasing properties. Sounds pretty fabulous to me. Pictured here is the nightshirt for $59, grey plaid pants for $65, and matching grey plaid robe for $110. 



For a fun gift or stocking stuffer, we have a ginormous selection Snoozies. At $20, you can’t beat this easy gift. We have them with these Christmas themes, plus a whole assortment of other fun themes. 



Here’s another zip-up robe by Casual Moments ($135) in a beautiful purple with a fun wine-themed pair of Snoozies slippers ($20). This would keep someone cozy from head to toe! And yes, we have regular ‘tie’ robes as well.  



We also have also higher-end slippers for those who want a bit more luxury – below is from Garzon, $70.



And if you or your ‘special someone’ is looking for something a little less cozy, a little more sexy, we definitely have those options as well – long or short – whatever you fancy. Below is a beautiful Arianna coverup ( $132) and chemise ($99). 



Well, that’s it for now. I hope this gives you some ideas and shows just an inkling of what we have in store. Truly though, there are so many more things I haven’t even begun to mention – scarves, gloves, socks, purses, and of course so many fashion choices that would make great gifts. If you haven’t been to the store yet, you really must come by! Hope to see you soon. Be safe on the snowy, wet roads! 

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