Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes!

Who loves shopping for shoes?!!  We do! We do! And of course you can never have too many pairs of shoes!

Spring is here – in the store anyway, let’s not even talk about what’s going on outside – and of course that means shopping for new shoes! Whether you want heels, flats, or boots, we’ve got you covered. And on that note, I thought I’d share a little snippet of  some of the latest arrivals.

Below are some absolutely gorgeous pumps from France Mode – how cute are they?! France Mode just has a stylish, classic air about them, don’t you think? Any outfit has instant style and class when you add a pair of France Mode pumps so if you’re in need of a classic, fashionable heel, you can’t go wrong with France Mode. 

And then we of course have a great selection of fabulous, funky Fly with their oh-so-comfy and flattering wedge heel – perfect for the ‘vertically challenged’ who may not otherwise like wearing heels (this is Sandy’s daughter, Kim, talking who doesn’t like to wear heels but loves Fly – we all know Sandy LOVES her heels in every style! lol). But, really, they’re perfect for anybody with their range of fun and funky to more conservative. And did I mention they’re oh-so-comfy?! Fashion and comfort – what’s not to love!


And we wouldn’t be true West Coasters if we weren’t prepared for a bit of rain! Cougar has a great selection of waterproof footwear, both shoes and ankle boots, to keep you dry and toasty on these wet, blustery days! Here’s a fun little ankle boot with a cute white heel – keeping you dry yet still with style!

Of course this is just the tiniest of tiny examples of some of the new things in store right now. There’s scads more spring shoes, fashions, lingerie, and accessories, and believe me, it’s never ending the new styles coming in! But in true boutique form, there’s lots of fabulous styles but in quantities of just a few so be sure to stop by soon so you don’t miss what might be your next favorite outfit!

See you in the store!


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