It's Sandal Weather!

Vionic Phoenix


We get lots of questions at the shop about when and where to wear sandals, what style should I be wearing, and even what size should I look for? 

First, let’s start with size. It isn’t that unusual to go up a size in your sandal… Remember that an enclosed shoe holds your foot into your shoe, where a sandal lets your foot ‘spread’ out a little. I always laugh a little in September when we are all out looking for new shoes and it seems like our feet have grown. “Hey, I didn’t know my feet have gotten bigger!” Actually, it’s more because we have been wearing unrestrictive sandals and they haven't been in the usual, enclosed design. Our feet have a little more freedom in sandals so embrace it! 😉

But sometimes we are just as determined to wear the “38s” because that is the size we wear, rather than say, “okay, lets try that “39”, and that's okay too if it's still comfortable for you. But, of course, just like every other piece of fashion, different styles and brands definitely fit in their own unique way so it's best to not be too stuck on the number. 

Now for styles. Some brands have sandals that offer instep support, like Vionic.

Vionic Wanda

You can also get foot beds that mold to your foot within minutes like the below by Mephisto with their ‘soft-air’ technology… These sandals are truly like walking on a cloud.

Mephisto Helisa

And then there are the painful foot problems. Do you have bunions? Ouch! I hear you, but there are sandals that can work with most of these foot issues... really!! Check out Biotime and Portofino. We have styles here with a stretch panel in that oh-so-important spot to give ease for you!
When you are out for your first of the season sandal shopping trip, give some thought to what style of sandals you are looking for. Is it a slip-on that you do not have to think about, they are sitting at your front door just waiting to be slipped into? Are you looking for a thong/toe post style? Do you want strappy sandals or sandals with wide straps that totally secure your foot onto a footbed? Do you want them to buckle up or have multi Velcro adjustments! Below is a great toe-post style by Vionic with a bit of a dressy flare.

Vionic Ella

Wedges are perfect for those little sundresses and long maxis. Do you have an outdoor event…one day we will! Wedges are great because they won’t sink into the grass, but do remember to be careful on uneven ground. You definitely don’t want to twist your ankle while looking so cool! 😎

Mephisto Lissandra

To be honest though, you can wear your sandals with any short, jean, skirt, swimsuit, anything at all. It’s an easy way to pop some colour, show some style, spend a little, spend a lot. The choice is yours! 

Another great thing about sandals is they come in a huge range of colours. Want a red pair, green, mustard, basic black or tan? There are so many to choose from - something to go with every outfit! How fun! And there's dressy sandals, casual sandals, and some have fun decorative bits on them. The ones below are like little pieces of sunshine on your feet! There's just so many options! 

EOS flower sandal

Notice we have not even talked about the ultimate question of, “Do I wear socks with my sandals?” Totally personal preference. I won’t, but you sure can. I would just maybe suggest that you make sure your socks are funky. Let me know what you do - we can start the ultimate debate! 😆

Whatever you do, whatever your style, sandals are the perfect avenue to have some fun.

I hope this helps on your next sandal-shopping adventure. We're always here to help you find what you're looking for! 

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