Are You Apple Shaped?

If you are apple shaped your upper body is larger from your waist up.  You usually have a fuller bust, an undefined waist, narrow hips and sometimes a flat backside.  When you gain your weight, it inevitably heads for your waist.  When dressing for your shape, you should be trying to lengthen your body…making you taller so as to distribute your overall shape and bring attention to your real true assets…your bust line and your fabulous legs. 

Here again, a wrap top will look great on you, just make sure it’s not too tight.   A ‘V’ neckline will pull attention away from your shoulders (which may be broader than you would like) and compliment your bust line.  Tops that drop to below your hips will look fabulous, tunic tops are perfect for you.  Another suggestion is a matching shell and  jacket that is structured but doesn’t have too many details.   Have your  jacket fall to below your waist but above the fullest part of your hips and keep it open for a nice elongated look or wear a 3/4 length style jacket, going right over your hips and ending above your knees, perfect for your shape.

Solid colours are complimentary to your apple shape but if you love prints put them where they won’t bring attention to your challenging body sections.  Please avoid those tops that don’t have any shape at all, they really don’t hide anything and will just make you appear larger than you really are.

Again, I can’t stress the value of a supportive bra…you probably have an ample bust and you need good support!  The right bra will give you lift and will definitely make a difference in how you look and feel in your clothes.

You are one who can wear shorter skirts…not short, short but it’s OK to go a little above the knee for sure.  Your skirt could flare out and have a sexy swing to it,  Joseph Ribkoff, Frank Lyman and Nygard have some great selections in this style, an A-line style is another option for you too.   If you are loving prints and brighter colours, skirts are perfect for them.   You’ve got great legs and these styles are a great way to balance out your body shape while showing off  those tremendous assets with flare and colours!

Wanting a dress, again A-line styles are perfect, remember that you want to bring attention away from your waist and bring it to your best features.  Another popular design for you can be the dresses with side panels and contrasting inset panels on the front and back.  “V” necklines will always compliment, 3/4 and cap sleeves and a fuller shape at the hips are features to be watching for when looking for that new dress.  Remember to look for that dress that takes the emphasis off your tummy area.

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for everyone.  Your jeans should have a slightly lower rise (not bringing attention to your waist) and definitely have back pockets.  Pockets with designs or bling will add some great curve and shape.  Boot cuts will be your go-to style, giving you a longer look.  Try not to wear skinny jeans or leggings.  They will make your legs look even smaller than they are and you will look top heavy.

Shoes are valuable fashion pieces for you too.  Ballet flats, chunky heels (to balance you out), wedges, strappy sandals, and high heels (not stilettos) all look great on you.  Avoid any shoes that will make you feet look big, don’t wear those nondescript boots with big buckles and shoes that don’t balance out your overall shape.

Hope this has given you some ideas on complimenting your apple shape!

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