What’s Best For My Hourglass Shape?

Shapes, shapes and more shapes.  If you are the hourglass you truly are the envy of most of us.  You are proportioned and balanced with shapely shoulders and curvacious hips.  Your waist is defined and you bust is medium to full.    Most would be wondering by now, how you would need any assistance in dressing, you’ve got it all but there are a few does and don’t.  Not many but there are some. 

Balance is always what we are looking for.  As an hourglass figure, you’re already balanced!  What we are looking for is to bring attention to your waist and show off your curves while not adding anything extra to them.

So the tops you choose will compliment your waist and bust line.  I won’t have to add the value of a great supportive bra.  I’ve told many of you that a good bra can really enhance your figure.  “V” neck tops and scooped or cowl necks will add some length to you and of course wrap tops will emphasize your proportionally smaller  your waist.  Halter tops or tops that bare the shoulders will show off your fabulous shoulders.  For jackets, your ideal are going to be ones that nip in at your waist and you can wear short or long depending on your height of course.

When buying jeans, you really are going to have to look for ones that are styled for a larger hip and narrow waist if you are wanting a regular rise.  If you are looking for a mid (great if you do carry a little extra around your tummy) or low rise, it’s doubly important to get a great top.  For your jeans, a little wider in the legs will compliment your full hips.

If you’re a little on the heavier side…dark colours and dark washes will always make you appear a little slimmer but most colours will be quite amazing on you because of your hourglass figure.

Is it party time?  You can really show off your shape with dresses and skirts that hug your curves fit to your waist line.  With today’s body hugging fabrics you have so much to choose from and most will compliment your shape.   Wrap dresses are a perfect choice for you too.  With skirts, choose 3/4 length or longer with a slit up the front or side will look fabulous.   Skirts that are too short are not usually best friends for the hourglass figure.

Stay away from baggy tops and pants and think twice before you invest in checks and stripes.  Don’t do ruffles or anything that adds to your bust if you are already fully endowed.

And last but never least, if you’ve got great legs, and most of you do, get yourself some great shoes to show them off.  Strappy, wedges, kitten heels and always…you are the ones who can strut around in sexy heels.

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