Dressing For Your Athletic Shape

You are definitely one of the lucky ones with your rectangular figure!  You are lean and have the look of an athlete.  You can wear all kinds of jeans styles, you can experiment with colour..bright or light, and there are a million ways to add a waist or soften your shoulders.  But I am getting ahead of myself here.  Let’s start with your overall look. 

If you have a rectangle shaped body your waist is probably less than 9″ smaller than your hips or bust but your figure is balanced.  You can be any size, your shape is balanced top and bottom with an undefined waist and not many curves.  Generally you will have slim legs and arms, an envy to the many of us that don’t.  When you gain weight, it has a tendency to give you a little bit of a pot belly and maybe even some little love handles.

When choosing clothes, your goal should be to add some curves, some softness to your shape.  Look for clothes that will keep your great balanced figure but will create a waistline and bottom that will bring the attention to your fantastic slender legs.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t make some comment on your bra and the value of wearing one, regardless of your size.  It is very likely that you have a smaller bust and a broader back.  Firstly, you still need to wear a bra.  Everyone needs support and your future 80 year old body will thank you for it.  There are slightly padded and/or  push-up bras that can add perk and great style to your shape.  Take the time to invest in the basic foundation of your wardrobe.

When choosing your tops look for the ones that give the illusion of a defined waistline.  Tops with self-belts or ties or those with a fitted waist will give you a curvier shape.  If your belt is a darker colour that the top this will also create some curves.  Don’t wear tops with that have too much fabric in the sleeves or too much detail, remember you want to balance your look top and bottom.  Diagonal and chevron stripe prints are great options for you too, but stay away from vertical stripes, they will make you look lanky.   Peplum style tops will give you an automatic waist line and more definition of your hips.  Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff  brought out several this year, it would be worth your while to try some of these styles.

With  jackets, look for ones that have belts with an eye catching belt buckle.  This style will make your waist smaller.  A belted or nipped in jacket will give the look of a waist line, add to that one with some detailing above and below the waist line and you are well on your way to a curvier look.    The ever popular trench coat, tied or belted at the waist will look great too.  Avoid jackets and cardigans that have boxy shapes, they will just accentuate your shape…remember you are looking for curves.  Cropped jackets that finish off at your waist or the top of your hips are not your friends.

When you are wanting to dress it up, there isn’t too much you can’t wear.  It is just that some styles will look better on you than others.  Wrap dresses with an a-line skirt will work well for you.  Colour blocking is popular and there are those that have darker blocking around the waist, perfect for your look.  Remember those peplum tops, there are peplum dresses too.   You do want to avoid shifts and straight dresses that will hide any shape that you do have.  If you just have to wear a shift..add a belt in a contrasting colour and poof the dress up a little over the belt.  This will give an illusion of curves.  A-line skirts will look fabulous on you and of course the pencil skirt or a ‘swing’ skirt made in panels is another fantastic choice.

As I mentioned, there are so many styles of jeans you can wear and it’s your choice on colours.  Lucky for you colours are still staying strong although you might want to avoid printed or plaid jeans (just a suggestion).  You can do boot cut, skinny, jeggings.  Look for back pockets that are larger, they will make your bottom look a little fuller, and that isn’t a bad thing for you.  Pay particular attention to lower…not low-rise…. rise jeans, they won’t bring attention to your waist, and keep an eye out  for a fit that is straighter from the hips to the knees but some flare below. Straight cut jeans will not work well for you.   Don’t wear baggy pants or tops that are loose with no definition.  Create your curves!

There isn’t anything you can’t wear for footwear.  What ever you want to wear to compliment your wardrobe, you can.  You have great legs and your shoes are the perfect way to show them off.   There are no limits to the sandals, wedges, pumps, stilettos, flats, casuals, and boots you can wear.  It is absolutely your choice.

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